Translating God Mentoring Platform

Have you ever wanted to be mentored by Shawn Bolz? Do you desire to learn how to process your dream and revelation? Well now you can! Join us each week for scheduled content including: teaching videos, mentoring videos, Q&A items,, webinars, discussion forums with prophetic caching and much more.


For less than $15/month join an interactive mentoring community where you can develop and process revelation and hear from amazing influencers around the world.

FREE WEBINAR - ON DEMAND NOW! Interpretations, Signs, and Symbols

Shawn shares about dreams, visions, angelic visitations, and how God speaks through signs and symbols! 


Processing Revelation

Do you have questions about things you’ve heard from God? Are you wondering if you heard correctly? Are you curious about a word that was spoken over you? Our mentoring platform will have an opportunity to dive deep into these fascinating and important aspects of the prophetic. Learn how to process a word of knowledge, a prophetic word, test things against scripture, utilize discernment, take risks in obedience, and more!

Dream Interpretation

Are you curious about the meaning of your dreams? As a subscriber of our mentoring program you will be able to submit your dreams to our team. You will gain insight into how to interpret your dreams and understand symbolism and parables. Are you a dreamer?


Discussion Forum

Inside our platform we’ve gathered thousands of questions and we’ve cataloged our answers and you can submit your questions and hear responses from Shawn and the Bolz Ministries Team.

E-Course Content & Bonus Footage

You will gain access to bonus content such as teachings from our E-Courses weekly, speaking engagements from around the world, and prophetic mentors and influencers.


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